Residency Program Initiatives

Several ongoing initiatives seek to improve the recruitment of residents from diverse backgrounds, by addressing issues that may arise during both the interview process, as well as during the residency program itself. 

Residents with Families and Children

We aim to increase support for residents with families and children, by establishing mechanisms to allow for parental leave, offering resources for childcare, and instituting backup call schedules with fellows to accommodate family emergencies. 

Women in Neurosurgery Group

Ongoing priorities for the Women in Neurosurgery Group include the following:

  • Space Renovation Initiatives:
    • Resident Call Room: Separate male and female call rooms/space for both residents and sub-interns
    • Locker Room at Parnassus and new hospital: Ensure adequate space, same accessibility, lactation space
  • Invite diverse Grand Rounds speakers
  • Organize resident / medical student outreach 
  • Promote work-life balance
  • Hold team-building events

UCSF Muriel Steele Society

The Muriel Steele Society (MSS) was established in honor of Muriel Steele, MD, the first woman surgeon at San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH). MSS is dedicated to inspiring, supporting, and promoting women surgeons, residents, and medical students.

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