Lecture Series

Each year, 11 eminent clinical or basic neuroscientists are brought to the UCSF campus to present a lecture to the Department's faculty, residents, and fellows and the campus community, to share their clinical or research expertise. 

  • The Edwin B. Boldrey Lectureship, established in 1983
  • The John E. Adams Lectureship, established in 1986
  • The Takao Hoshino Lectureship in Basic Brain Tumor Biology, established in 1997
  • Clinical Faculty Appreciation Day Lecture, established in 1998
  • The Charles B. Wilson Lectureship, established in 2002
  • International Visiting Scholar Lectureship, established in 2004
  • The Linda A. Wolfe Memorial Meningioma Lecture, established in 2007
  • Reza and Georgianna Khatib Skull Base Lectureship, established in 2007
  • The Susan Eastwood Resident Award Lecture, established in 2010
  • The Traynor Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation Lecture, established in 2010
  • The Lars Leksell Radiosurgery Lecture, established in 2011