Envision Internship Program

Envision is an internship program in partnership with UCSF Department of Neurosurgery and the non-profit organization Oasis for Girls to expose young high school students of color from under-represented communities in San Francisco to careers in medicine and health-science fields, as well as to help them build important professional skills to enrich their future.

Over the course of several weeks, Envision interns learn and connect through mentorship, talks, career panels, research, and hands-on activities to gain exposure to diverse healthcare occupations. The program is based in UCSF Neurosurgery / Neurosciences and includes activities in collaboration with participating departments: the Mt. Zion Surgical Skills Center, Anesthesia, Nursing, Emergency Medicine, Pharmacy, Anatomy, Maker's Lab, Women’s Health Center (ObGyn), Black Wellness Center, as well as activities such as CPR Certification, Women in STEM, and more.

Annually, the majority of participants report positive changes after their internship experience, including greater motivation to attend college and pursue careers in high growth fields. Envision serves 45 young women each year through this program. 

For questions or information, please contact Yesenia Velásquez at [email protected].


Quick Facts

The Envision Internship is held:

  • 3 quarters per year (Fall, Spring, Summer)
    • Fall (October-December), Spring (February-May), Summer (July-August)
  • 10 weeks long in the Fall and Spring quarters; 6 weeks long in the Summer quarter
  • Participants spend 4 or 2 weeks at UCSF; rest of time is spent at Oasis for Girls doing workshops on career and college readiness
  • 6-12 hours of internship per week, 2-4 hours per day
    • Fall / Spring, 4:30-6:30 pm
    • Summer, 2:00-6:00 pm
  • Cohorts of 15-18



You must be a female-identifying, transgender, and nonbinary youth currently attending high school or living in San Francisco to participate in this program. We cannot accept anyone who is not a high schooler and anyone who either does not live or attend school in SF. In our selection process, we prioritize BIPOC youth within SFUSD public schools. Citizenship status is not a barrier to joining our programs.

How to Apply

Thanks for your interest in the Oasis For Girls Envision Internship Program. Each cycle, prospective interns apply through our non-profit partners Oasis for Girls. If the form is closed, try applying for the next internship cycle.

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Request for Mentorship Hosts

We are looking for mentorship hosts for interns to visit your lab, center, or professional space (e.g. office, conference room, educational space). The purpose is to engage with the interns by facilitating an educational hands-on activity to build youth interest in various medical and health-science careers. This is a voluntary 1-2 hour commitment on one day for a single session during the internship. .

Activity ideas for mentors:

  • Give an introduction of who you are, what you do, and what your team does
  • Give a brief tour of the facility, show the interns what is done in the space and how
  • Do an interactive activity to familiarize interns with people, educational concepts, professional skills, and tools
    • Examples:
      • Brain Anatomy Demo (Neurology / Neurosurgery)
      • Virtual Reality Experience (Anatomy / Dentistry)
      • Taking Vital Signs (Pharmacy / Medicine)


Example Activities


  • CPR / BLS Certification: Interns complete 2-4 hour CPR / BLS training with certified trainers using adult and pediatric mannequins, AED devices, and resuscitation / choking prevention techniques. Upon completion interns receive a 2-year AHA (American Heart Association) certification to perform emergency CPR.

Mini-Observerships / Simulations / Tours

  • The OR Day: Tour the OR area and visit an OR surgery case (particularly Neurosurgery, brain and spine cases). Learn about the current surgery case taking place, meet the OR team, and see how technology is used to help patients.
  • Kanbar Simulation Center: Tour the center’s clinic and OR rooms, meet the team, and learn about the activities done in the space. CPR practice or CPR certification may be involved and interns will interact with technology / mannequins / 3D printed anatomy with the guidance of Simulation Center Technicians.
  • Pharmacy Day (Simulation): Learn how to take Vital Signs with BP (blood pressure) kits and stethoscopes, play an OTC (Over The Counter) prescription indication game, and participate in a career path Q&A with Pharmacy students.
  • Emergency Department Day (Simulation): Use simulated arms to practice IV insertion, use ultrasound equipment to find veins in the arm, and scan the eye for abnormalities with Emergency Department Physicians.
  • CRNA Day: Visit / tour the Department of Anesthesia, meet the CRNA team, and learn from Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) about their role and interactions with patients. Workshops may include an airways demo with intubation practice on manikins, and an OR talk or shadowing experiences.


  • Anatomy Lab (Specimens / Lab): Learn about the activities & trainings that occur in the lab, and take a deep look at specimens (e.g. skull, brain, spine, heart, lungs, skeleton).
  • Anatomy Lab (Virtual Reality): VR experience of the human anatomy. Learn about body parts and functions as well as how students and faculty use VR to do or enhance their research. 
  • Baraban Lab: Tour the research lab, meet the team, and learn about how fish are used to study epilepsy. Interns will view different stages of the zebrafish lifespan, play a mini game of selecting genders for research and placing them into separate tanks, do hands-on testing of specimen with pipetting, and learn how tools are used to further research.
  • Neuro-Physical & Linguistic Testing Lab: Learn about the techniques Neurologists and Neurosurgeons use to test patients' behavioral and linguistic functions as part of research and preparation for surgery or post-surgery. 
  • Maker's Lab: Learn how the Maker’s Lab is used in academia to 3D print anatomy with CT scans, and participate in an educational workshop. Previous workshops included 1) 3D scanning of faces to make 3D printed busts of interns, 2) magnet/button-making, 3) Cricut card-making and decals, and more.


  • The OR Talk: Learn about OR staff members and participate in Q&A with an OR Nurse / Nurse Manager. 
  • Pediatric Brain Center (Mission Bay): Meet the team, participate in a career path Q&A, and learn about neuro pediatrics with a Neurosurgery Pediatric Nurse.
  • Diversity Resources Workshop: Learn about the resources for diversity and inclusion in medical education at UCSF. In particular, interns will search for and dicuss how to participate in opportunities such as internships, volunteering, and one-day events.
  • Career Q&As / Networking: Hosts are asked questions about their role, career path, personal interests, and motivations to encourage students to pursue medical / health sciences education.