Envision Internship Program

Envision is an internship program in partnership with UCSF Department of Neurosurgery and the non-profit organization Oasis for Girls to expose young high school girls of color from under-represented communities in San Francisco to careers in medicine and health-science fields, as well as to help them build important professional skills to enrich their future.

Over the course of 4 weeks, Envision interns learn and connect through mentorship, talks, career panels, research, and hands-on activities to gain exposure to diverse healthcare occupations. The program is based in UCSF Neurosurgery / Neurosciences and includes activities in collaboration with participating departments: the Mt. Zion Surgical Skills Center, Anesthesia, Nursing, Emergency Medicine, Pharmacy, Anatomy, Maker's Lab, Women’s Health Center (ObGyn), Black Wellness Center, as well as activities such as CPR Certification, Women in STEM, and more.

Annually, the majority of participants report positive changes after their internship experience, including greater motivation to attend college and pursue careers in high growth fields. Envision serves 45 young women each year through this program. 


Request for Mentorship Hosts

We are looking for mentorship hosts for interns to visit your lab, center, or professional space (e.g. office, conference room, educational space). The purpose is to engage with the interns by facilitating an educational hands-on activity to build youth interest in various medical and health-science careers. This is a voluntary 1-2 hour commitment on one day for a single session during the internship. .

Activity ideas for mentors:

  • Give an introduction of who you are, what you do, and what your team does
  • Give a brief tour of the facility, show the interns what is done in the space and how
  • Do an interactive activity to familiarize interns with people, educational concepts, professional skills, and tools
    • Examples:
      • Brain Anatomy Demo (Neurology / Neurosurgery)
      • Virtual Reality Experience (Anatomy / Dentistry)
      • Taking Vital Signs (Pharmacy / Medicine)