Paul S. Larson MD

Paul Larson MD

Professor and Vice Chair of Clinical Neurological Surgery

Chief, Neurosurgery Service, Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Principal Investigator, Movement Disorders Research

Dr. Larson specializes in stereotactic and functional neurosurgery, particularly deep brain stimulation for movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and tremor. Dr. Larson and his colleagues at UCSF were the originators of MRI-guided DBS, a surgical technique that allows DBS electrodes to be placed with the patient asleep inside a MRI scanner using real-time imaging. He has extensive experience in MRI-guided surgery for a variety of neurosurgical applications including drug delivery and laser ablation, and is an internationally recognized innovator in this field. Dr. Larson is also a leader in gene transfer for Parkinson’s disease, an investigational treatment that can alter the brain’s function at a molecular level. He has one of the largest surgical experiences in the world in gene transfer clinical trials.

Dr. Larson's research interests are focused in three primary areas; neuromodulation of the basal ganglia for treatment refractory tinnitus, gene transfer for Parkinson’s disease (as well as other neurodegenerative disorders), and interventional MRI-guided stereotactic surgery. He has been involved in 12 major clinical trials to date, and has held a leadership or major role in 9 of them. His basic science work includes studies in the neurobiology of phantom auditory disorders, MR physics related to imaging devices and fluid infusion dynamics in the brain, and the development of new technologies to perform functional neurosurgery using real-time MR imaging.

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Education, Training, and Previous Positions

1990: BS, Arizona State University
1995: MD, University of Arizona
1995-1996: Surgical Internship, University of Louisville
1996-2001: Neurosurgical Residency, University of Louisville

Selected Professional Memberships and Appointments

American Association of Neurological Surgeons
Congress of Neurological Surgeons
AANS-CNS Joint Section on Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery
American Society of Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery
World Society of Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery
The Movement Disorder Society
Society of Neurological Surgeons

Selected Honors and Awards

1991-93: NIH Medical Student Research Fellowships, University of Arizona Barrow Neurological Institute
1995: Excellence in Medical Student Research, University of Arizona
2000: Excellence in Clinical Education Award , University of Louisville School of Medicine
2004: Harold Rosegay Teaching Award, Neurological Surgery, UCSF
2007: Diane D. Ralston Teaching Award, Department of Neurological Surgery, UCSF
2013: Harold Rosegay Teaching Award, Neurological Surgery, UCSF
2014: Alumni Achievement Award, Arizona State University
2015: Moving Day Honoree, National Parkinson Foundation 

Selected Recent Publications

Chabardes S, Isnard S, Castrioto A, Oddoux M, Fraix V, Carlucci L, Payen JF, Krainik A, Krack P, Larson P, Le Bas JF. Surgical implantation of STN-DBS leads using intraoperative MRI guidance: technique, accuracy, and clinical benefit at 1-year follow-up. Acta Neurochir (Wien). 2015 Apr;157(4):729-37. doi: 10.1007/s00701-015-2361-4. Epub 2015 Feb 18. PubMed PMID: 25788414.

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