UCSF Resident Course in Skull Base Neurosurgery

On April 2nd 2015, the UCSF’s Department of Neurosurgery organized the second edition of the skull base and cerebrovascular hands-on surgical anatomy workshop. A 6,000 sq.ft., state-of-the-art laboratory was equipped with 12 surgical stations, including floor-standing high-resolution microscopes, high speed drills, surgical clamps, skull base instrumentation and overhead lights, to simulate advanced skull base surgical techniques to the residents of our Department.

The residents, who were given freedom to experiment and decide their learning topics based on their interests and personal challenges, and teamed up with our faculty and international visiting neurosurgeons throughout the day. This activity enhanced the direct surgical experience of the residents in the role of leading surgeon, and allowed them to tackle difficult techniques and to progress gradually and safely through the steep learning curve of neurosurgery. This was the second year of this workshop, which consolidated the extraordinary educational partnership between our Department and the leaders in the neurosurgical medical industry. We wish to thank the Department of Anatomy as well as Medtronic, Leica, Aesculap and Integra for their continued support of neurosurgical resident education."

tl_files/skull base residents course.jpg