Increase Multi-Disciplinary Safety Culture Awareness and Teamwork, Communication

We developed a Neurological Surgery Culture of Perioperative Safety Video highlighting critical patient safety checks/precautions (e.g., patient identification, time-out) and team communication practices (e.g., debriefs, hand-offs) that can prevent error, enhance communication, improve quality, and promote patient safety in the OR. We plan on partnering with our anesthesia and perioperative administration colleagues in performing multidisciplinary teamwork and communication research in the OR. For additional information see the Neurological Surgery Culture of Perioperative Safety Video

As part of the Graduate Medical Education (GME) Quality Improvement Program, Neurosurgical residents have identified a goal of timeliness in completing post-op debrief note & full op report in order to communicate critical patient information post-operatively to next provider of care.

In addition, we are piloting the use of post-op debriefing posters and checklists in the OR to increase multi-disciplinary provider compliance in performing this safety communication check.