Brain Tumor Research Center Laboratories

Manish Aghi MD, PhD
Oncolytic viral therapies; vascular biology of glioma

Arturo Alvarez-Buylla PhD
Developmental neuroscience; stem-cell neurobiology

Krys Bankiewicz MD, PhD
Convection drug-delivery systems; gene therapy

Mitchel S. Berger MD
Brain mapping; molecular genetic basis, biology, and therapy of brain tumors

Gabriele Bergers PhD
Angiogenesis; tumor invasion

Soonmee Cha MD
Perfusion magnetic resonance imaging

Joe Costello PhD
Functional genomics

Nalin Gupta MD, PhD
Pediatric brain tumors; cell-cell interactions

Daphne Haas-Kogan MD
Apoptosis and genetic mutations; therapeutic irradiation enhancement

C. David James PhD
Molecular biology of CNS cancer; Analysis of mutant epidermal growth factor receptors in malignant gliomas; Rodent model testing of experimental therapies

Andrew Parsa MD, PhD

Claudia Petritsch PhD
Brain cancer stem cells; asymmetric stem cell division; novel tumor suppressor genes

Russ Pieper PhD
Signal transduction, models of human gliomagenesis and drug resistance

William Weiss MD, PhD
Mouse models of human brain tumors

John Wiencke PhD
Biomarker Development [&] Application in Brain Tumor Etiology

Margaret Wrensch MPH, PhD
Genetic [&] Molecular Epidemiology of Adult Glioma

Shichun Zheng PhD
Molecular Neuroepidemiology