UCSF Lectures in Neurological Surgery

Each year, nine eminent clinical or basic neuroscientists are brought to the UCSF campus to present a lecture to the Department's faculty, residents, and fellows and the campus community, reviewing their clinical or research experience. In addition to a Clinical Faculty Appreciation Day Lecture (established in 1998) and an International Visiting Scholar Lectureship (established in 2004), there are five lectureships named for eminent members of the Brain Tumor Research Center (BTRC) and the UCSF Neurological Surgery Faculty:
. The Charles B. Wilson Lectureship established in 2002
. The Takao Hoshino Lectureship in Basic Brain Tumor Biology established in 1997
. The Glenn Sheline Lectureship in Clinical Neuro-Oncology established in 1990
. The John E. Adams Lectureship established in 1986
. The Edwin B. Boldrey Lectureship established in 1983

In 2007, the Linda A. Wolfe Memorial Meningioma Lecture was established to honor the memory of Linda Ann Wolfe, a patient who died after being diagnosed with a meningioma. Her family has funded the lecture to increase the knowledge of this disease.

In 2010, the Susan Eastwood Resident Award Lecture was established to honor the memory of Susan Eastwood, editor in the Department of Neurological Surgery. The lecture is given by the Neurological Surgery resident who has published the best scientific manuscript of the year.

The Traynor Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation Lecture was also established in 2010. This lecture honors the memories of Mike and Dianne Traynor, who founded the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (PBTF) in 1991. The PBTF is now the world’s largest philanthropic organization dedicated to supporting the search for the cause of and cure for childhood brain tumors, and has raised over $50 million for research and family support programs.