The Department of Neurological Surgery provides rich educational programs, including a world class residency program and a number of advanced fellowships. Since it was established in 1951 as a three-year curriculum, our residency training has grown into a six-year, innovative program that ensures a thorough immersion in every sub-specialty of neurosurgery. The program focuses on teaching the most cutting-edge practices in both research and clinical medicine, while encouraging residents to take advantage of the many collaborations the Department has established to train them on how to work in an academic environment. Over 70% of our graduating residents go into academic neurosurgery. We consider the training of academic neurosurgeons a responsibility and our contribution to the vitality and advancement of our discipline.

In addition to our world-renowned residency program, teaching activities include an active schedule of seminars, journal clubs, and lecture programs. We also offer fellowships in a number of subspecialties, as well as clerkships and other educational opportunities to medical students from both UCSF and other institutions. Finally, we are committed to advancing neurosurgery through continuing medical education courses for all health care professionals involved in treating patients with neurosurgical disorders.