For current contact information for Department of Neurological Surgery staff, please consult the UCSF directory:

Academic Administration

Chief Administrative Officer - Elizabeth Garrity
Chief Financial Officer - Sasha Mortezaei
HR Liasion - Erica Helms
Residency Coordinator - Jamiese Harris
Financial Analyst - Laura Tourian Englot
Academic Transcriptionist - Mary Ann Ring
Academic Assistant to the Chair - Michelle Won
Patient Data Administrator - Jing Li
Academic Assistants - Judi Chesler, Mary Ann Ring, Niki Fragakis, Nancy Jones, Jacqueline Walters, Ashley Robelo, Lisle Winters

Publications & Grant Writing

Ilona Garner - Director of Communications
Kenneth Probst - Medical Illustrator

Information Technology

IT Manager - Allan Mendoza
Programmer Analyst - Ricardo Martinez

Research Administration

Research Administration Manager - Robyn Dennen
Post-Award Team – Robert Gruner, Emily Wei, Michelle Kang
Neuro-Oncology Services Analyst - William Yau
ROSE Trial Finances - Robert Gruner
ROSE Trial Clinical Research Coordinator - TBH
Pre-Award (Research Management Services): Michelle Stevens, RMS Team A 

San Francisco General Hospital Administration

Executive Director - Mary Vassar 
General Information and Billing Coordinator - Nina Petsko
Administrative Director - Kimberly Cantero
Finance Manager - Mayra Sustaita
Operations Manager - Nina Petsko 

Clinic Administration

Administrative Director - Christina Westcott
Practice Manager, Neurosurgery - Alisa Garcia
Practice Manager, Neurospine - Christina Westcott
Practice Manager, Neuro-Oncology - 
Alisa Garcia
Billing Manager - Jose Martinez