Jacob Young MD

Jacob Young, MD

Expected Graduation Date: 2024

Education, Training, and Previous Positions

2012: BS, Duke University
2017: MD, University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine

Selected Honors and Awards

2018: Krevans Award for Excellence in Patient Care, San Francisco General Hospital
2017: Outstanding Achievement Award in Medicine, University of Chicago
2017: Peter Huttenlocher & Douglas Buchanan Prize for Best Medical Student Clinician/Researcher in Neurology, Department of Neurology, University of Chicago
2017: Departmental Award for Outstanding Performance in Surgery, Department of Surgery, University of Chicago
2017: Graduation with Honors, University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine
2016: Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society, University of Chicago
2015: 3rd Place, Best Medical Student Basic Science Poster, American College of Surgeons (ACS) Clinical Congress 2015
2015: Medical Student Summer Research Fellowship, Neurosurgery Research & Education Foundation (NREF)/American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS)
2013: Phi Beta Kappa, Duke University
2014: The Brain Research Foundation Award for Neuroscience, University of Chicago
2012: Graduation with Distinction in Neuroscience for Senior Thesis, Duke University
2011: Neuroscience Program of Research Fellow, Duke University
2010: CT Boyd Scholarship Recipient, Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, Duke University
2010: Vertical Integration Program Fellow, Duke University, Departments of Psychology and Neuroscience

Selected Recent Publications

Moshed RA, Young JS, Han SJ, Hervey-Jumper SL, Berger MS. Clinical Outcomes in Patients Undergoing Repeat Resection of Recurrent Insular Gliomas. J Neurosurg, In Press. 

Young, JS, Bernal, G, Polster, SP, Nunez, L, Larsen, GF, Mansour, N, Podell, M, Yamini, B. Convection Enhanced Delivery of Polymeric Nanoparticles Encapsulating Chemotherapy in Canines with Spontaneous Suptratentorial Tumors. World Neurosurgery, In Press.

Dayani F, Young JS, Bonte A, Chang E, Theodosopoulos PV, McDermott MW, Berger MS Aghi MK. Safety and Outcomes After Surgical Resection for Butterfly Glioblastoma. Neurosurgical Focus. Jun 2018; 44(6):E4 PMID: 29852771

Moshed RA, Young JS, Han SJ, Hervey-Jumper SL, Berger MS. The Transcortical Equatorial Approach for Gliomas of the Mesial Temporal Lobe: Techniques and Functional Outcomes. Journal of Neurological Surgery. Apr 2018;1-9. PMID: 29676697

Magill S*, Young JS*, Chae R, Aghi MK, Theodosopoulos PV, McDermott MW. Relationship Between Tumor Location, Size, and WHO Grade in Meningioma. Neurosurgical Focus. Apr 2018; 44(4):E4. PMID: 29606048 *co-first authors

Kane JR, Panek WK, Young JS, Rashidi A, Kim JW, Lesniak MS. Hitting the Nail on the Head: Combining Oncolytic Adenovirus-Mediated Virotherapy and Immunomodulation for the Treatment of Glioma. Oncotarget. Sept 2017;8(51):89391-89405. PMID: 29179527

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