Jennie W. Taylor MD, MPH

Jennie Taylor MD, neuro-oncologistAssistant Professor of Neurology and Neurological Surgery
Division of Neuro-Oncology

Dr. Taylor specializes in caring for adult patients with primary brain tumors. As a member of the Brain Tumor Research Center at UCSF, she is involved in the development and execution of novel treatment strategies, innovative imaging techniques, and comprehensive molecular profiling to improve outcomes for patients with brain tumors. She is a co-investigator for clinical trials conducted at UCSF, and an active participant in multi-institutional trials collaborating with industry and national consortia. Her research interests include analyzing molecular and imaging markers of resistance to current, standard treatment. She is also focused on improving the quality-of-life for patients with primary brain tumors, as well as their caregivers. Additionally, she teaches and mentors neurology and neurosurgery residents, and hematology-oncology fellows by exposing them to neuro-oncology patients.

Education, Training, and Previous Positions

2001: BS, Randolph-Macon Woman’s College
2007: MD, University of Kentucky College of Medicine
2007 – 2008: Internship, Department of Medicine, University of Virginia
2008 – 2011: Resident, Department of Neurology, University of Virginia
2011 – 2014: Fellow, Neuro-Oncology, Massachusetts General Hospital and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
2012 – 2014: MPH, Harvard School of Public Health

Selected Professional Memberships and Appointments

American Academy of Neurology
Society for Neuro-Oncology
American Society of Clinical Oncology

Selected Recent Publications

Taylor JW, Flanagan E, O'Neill BP, Siegal T, Omuro A, DeAngelis L, Baehring J, Khe HX, Chamberlain M, Batchelor TT, Nishikawa R, Pinto F, Blay JY, Korfel A, Betensky R, Lopes MB, Schiff D. Primary leptomeningeal lymphoma: an International Primary CNS Lymphoma Collaborative Group report. Neurology 2013;81(19):1690-6.

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Taylor JW, Chi AS, Cahill DP. Tailored Therapy in Diffuse Gliomas: Using Molecular Classifiers to Optimize Clinical Management. Oncology 2013;27(6):1-13.

Clark SW, Taylor J, Wang DL, Abramson JS, Batchelor TT. Plasmablastic lymphoma after standard-dose temozolomide for newly diagnosed glioblastoma. Neurology 2013;81(1):93-4.

Taylor J, Gerstner ER. Anti-angiogenic therapy in high-grade glioma (treatment and toxicity). Curr Treat Options Neurol 2013;15(3):328-37.

Taylor JW, Schiff D. Metastatic epidural spinal cord compression [Review]. Semin Neurol 2010;30(3):245-53.