Joseph Costello PhD


Associate Professor in Residence of Neurological Surgery

Karen Osney Brownstein Endowed Chair in Molecular Neuro-Oncology

Principal Investigator, Brain Tumor Research Center

Member, UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center 

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Dr. Costello's laboratory investigates the role of genetic and epigenetic alterations in the development of sporadic cancers, with a focus on brain tumors. Most sporadic cancers have been described by molecular pathways involving gain and loss of chromosomal regions corresponding to oncogene activation and tumor suppressor gene inactivation, respectively. Such genetic characterizations of sporadic tumors do not take into account epigenetic alterations that may similarly result in abnormal loss or gain of gene activity. Methylation of cytosine in DNA is such a modification that can influence gene expression and chromosome stability. Although DNA methylation patterns can be significantly altered in human cancers, such changes are not detected by typical genetic screening methods.

The Costello lab uses a DNA fingerprinting technique termed Restriction Landmark Genomic Scanning (RLGS) to simultaneously assess the genetic and epigenetic (methylation) status of thousands of gene-associated CpG islands. Their studies have shown that in many human tumor types, the pattern of methylation of CpG island-containing genes is non-random and displays distinct tumor type-specificity. Further results suggested that there are a large number of genes in which methylation, rather than genetic alteration, is the primary mechanism of inactivation. These findings support the proposal that many potentially important cancer genes have remained undiscovered for decades due to the exclusively genetic screening methods used. It is now critically important to identify these genes to determine how the aberrant methylation contributes to malignancy.

Education, Training, and Previous Positions

1994: PhD, Loyola University
1994-1999: Postdoctoral Fellow, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, San Diego
2000-Present: Department of Neurological Surgery, UCSF

Selected Honors and Awards

2003: Board of Directors, Epigenetics Society
2005: Director, Epigenetics Division of the UCSF CCC Program in Cell Cycling and Signaling
2005: Karen Osney Brownstein Endowed Chair in Molecular Neuro-Oncology
2005: Human Epigenome Project
2006: Scientific Advisory Council, Brain Tumor Society
2006: External Advisory Board, University of Tokyo; UAB Heflin Center for Human Genetics
2007: International Epigenome Project (AHEAD), committee member
2008: Nature, Invited Reader Panelist

Selected Recent Publications

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