Press Reports

Here we have compiled recent media coverage of our work.

Parkinson's Disease and Depression (KKSF Talk 910) [Audio] [Download]
Pet Dog With Tumor Pioneered Treatment (San Francisco Chronicle) [Article]
UCSF Doctors Use Viruses to Attack Tumors (ABC 7 News) [Article] [Video]
Spot-On: A Conversation with Translational Neuroscientist Krys Bankiewicz [Article] [Audio]
Gene Delivery on a Rebound [Article]
Brain Cancer Treatment For Dogs Could Help Humans (CBS 5 News) [Article] [Video]
Gene Therapy For Parkinson's Performed at UCSF (CBS 5 News) [Article] [Video]
'Dead as Doornail' Gene Therapy Revival Spurs Genzyme (Bloomberg) [Article]
Parkinson's: Latest from the Experts (UC Television) [Youtube]

Parkinson's: A Dose of Hope (UC Television) [Youtube]