Department of Neurological surgery at UCSF

Like many laboratories, we share our successes with a large number of scientific collaborators. Various members of the Department of Neurological Surgery at UCSF (Mitchell Berger, Susan Chang, John Park, Philip Starr, Paul Larson and Sandeep Kunwar) have played critical roles in advancing our programs in Parkinson's disease and brain cancer. We are also indebted to Drs. Michael Aminoff and Chadwick Christine of the Department of Neurology at UCSF for their expert management of the Phase 1 clinical study of AAV-hAADC gene therapy for Parkinson's disease. An important source of support for our Parkinson's disease gene therapy program has come through our membership of a novel NIH-supported program (1U54NS045309) that involves that cooperation of a number of different research groups at University of Rochester (Roger Kurlan, William Bowers), Northwestern University (Martha C. Bohn), Cedar-Sinai Hospital (Pedro Lowenstein, Maria Castro) and Georgetown University (Howard Federoff, Katy McGuire-Zeiss). Our neuroimaging studies are done in collaboration with UC Berkeley (William Jagust, Jamie Eberling) and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Translational neuro-oncology projects are funded by PO1 and Spore grants from the National Institutes of Health and performed in close collaboration with University of California at Davis (Peter Dickinson, Richard LeCouteur, Robert Higgins). Studies aimed at understanding development of L-Dopa-induced dyskinesias are performed in collaboration with Wake Forest University (Linda Porrino). We are indebted also to the Michael J. Fox Foundation, and the Kinetics Foundation, as well as to corporate collaborators such as Genzyme Inc., Brainlab, and MRI Interventions.